© Photo by "Keisha D Poet"

The Wife’s Libido


You are currently reading my very first blog post.

I have pondered what my first post will be about, and I thought, why don’t I start out strong.

I’ll intrigue people and they will come back for more.

So I’m going to start with that 3 letter word that everybody loves so much


HA! Fooled you. I meant that other 3 letter word that created mankind.


I am choosing this topic because it is a very common misconception that women, or wives, don’t like having sex.

This is a myth.

We love sex. Everything about it. Except for the way men do it.

You might be thinking this doesn’t make sense, but hear me out.

We women do a lot during the week.

It may not always be physical. However we mentally do a lot. We worry about what we’re cooking for dinner. We worry about how the kids are doing at school. We worry about what school they’re going to go to in 2 years. We worry about who’s going to watch them on their breaks. We worry about finances. We worry if we’re still attractive to our husbands. We worry if they’re truly happy.

Mind you this is all in the span of about 2 hours. Then we have to come home and act on our thoughts.

We fix dinner, give the kid(s) a bath, pack lunches, clean, do homework, find a school, find a daycare, and everything else that gives us some peace of mind at night.

We are mentally exhausted by the end of the day. Also, our bodies have not yet caught up from the countless sleepless nights from when the kids were infants. We literally fed them from our body.

So no matter how tired you say you are, we beat you. Point blank, we win that game. There’s no need to argue. We live in a time when you no longer need to prove your strength and your machoness because the world has already woken to the truth. Moms are warriors.

So when you come home, after your day, take a shower, then plop your ass right on the couch for the rest of the night, the last thing we want is nookie. Because the day may have ended for you, but ours is still going. Until we close our eyes, ours is still going.

So here it is guys, I am about to give you the secret to getting in your wife’s pants.

The long awaited secret to having the sex life you had before kids.

Drum Roll please…………………………………………………..


It’s not 1952. The women are not here to shine your shoes and wash your clothes.

The key to making her panties wet is telling her how much you appreciate every single thing she does.

Do dishes. Give the kids a bath. Give your wife some time to relax.

Trying to jump right in after we just laid down is not only a turn off, but it’s downright rude. We’ve been taking care of work and school and kids all day, and now you just expect us to take care of you.




© Photo by “Keisha D Poet”