To the Bad Mommy Blog!

Written by the Mommy who really thought that would be a good name but honestly will bring in more perverts than anything.

I have created this blog not only for myself but for all the parents out there (not just mommies).

I want a safe space where we can express our actual feelings.

Rather than pretending our lives are all tulips and daisies, I’m going to explain how my husband causes more of my stress than anything else.

Instead of telling you that I love being a mommy every single day (I do, I promise!), I’m also going to explain that what I desperately want for mother’s day this year is a hotel room, to myself, to do whatever the fuck I want (but mostly just sleep).

However, it’s not just a place to complain. This blog is going to be my virtual journal to share with the world. A venting mechanism and maybe help some others out there.

I feel like as parents, we want to be able to do it all.

Get the kids ready, work, cook, clean, work out, and everything else that we bash ourselves for not doing.

Truth is we are mere mortal superheroes. We can try to do everything right, but we are going to fuck up every once in a while. Point is, we are still superheroes. We need reminded of that. We bring our children into this world, and they are still alive. Some people can’t even keep a plant alive. Pfffffffft, losers.

Loving your children is the most important job in your life. As long as they know that, then you are doing it right. Everything else is just icing on top that tub of other icing that you are already eating out of.

This is going to be my extra icing.